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Chris Pouteaux
Owner/ President

Chris the proud President of Archangel Builders!  He has been in the world of construction and home builds for over 15 years.  He had a vision of starting a company that values clients, builds quality homes and remodels homes to suit the client. 


Chris is extremely hard working and has an attention to detail to all he does.   He is very focused on working with and listening to clients for their dream home or remodels that reflect who they are.  Chris knows when there are expectations clients have, he will do all he can to meet them.  He is energetic and motivated to continue to learn each day.  


In his personal time, Chris enjoys time with his wife and cat. He still enjoys working on plans or ideas for clients, as well as going to the gym to maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle.   Family is very important to Chris.


Chris always makes great client connections based on quality work.  He promises is to work on every project with the highest of standards.  

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